What is sugaring / sugar waxing?


Sugar Epilation is a safe, gentle, and effective solution to hair removal. The biggest advantage is that the Alexandria technique and sugar paste removes the hair in its natural direction of growth and does so when the hair is still in the early growth stage. This eliminates breakage, unnecessary discomfort, irritation, and ingrown hairs; all the while exfoliating dry skin cells. Sugaring results in smooth, beautiful skin. Sugaring is performed at room temperature and is completely edible with simple ingredients of sugar, lemon and water.

How long should my hair be before waxing?


The general rule of thumb is a quarter of an an inch for waxing, and 7-10 days growth for sugaring. Everyone's hair grows differently. To most effectively remove the  hair, it will take approximately 4 waxing/sugaring sessions to achieve the best results. You may see stubble (slow growing, soft and thin stubble) within a few days of your service because there is new hair growth occurring at all times. Removing the hair from the root in mass quantity will help most hair to grow in simultaneously. Waxing/sugaring monthly is absolutely a must to keep the follicles thin and easier to remove.



*Please tell the receptionist when booking the appointment if you want sugar wax instead of regular wax.*

*Because Con is the only one who does sugaring, it may be a longer wait for an appointment*

Men and Women




Very large areas and multiple sugaring services in a session may have an up charge.

Upper Lip - $11

Chin - $11

Neck - $11-$18

Nostril - $16

Ear Canal - $16

Full Face - $55

Brow Clean Up - $11

Brow Arch - $16

Toes - $5

Under Arm - $16

Half Arm - $22

Half Leg - $33

Full Arm - $38

Full leg - $55

**extra $15 for sugaring**

Chest - $27

Half Back - $38

Back - $66

Full Stomach - $38

Half Stomach - $12

Bikini - $22

Bikini Plus - $33

Brazilian/ Boyzilian - $49

Brazilian/Boyzilian Front to Back - $60


Brow or Lash Tint - $20

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