Medical Massage Consultation - Free

Down the Drain

$70 (1hr) 


This lymph drainage massage is very relaxing as well as beneficial for just about anyone. This massage will move lymphatic fluid to the core of your body to be “processed” instead of being trapped in your body. Lingering lymph causes pain and stiffness, most of the time lymph blockage occurs slowly and you don't even realize why you are feeling slow or just miserable. Lymph massage helps alleviate a huge amount of unexplainable discomfort.

Medical Massage

$50-$80 (1hr)

Must consult with therapist for price. Terminal and congenital issues will qualify for lesser price when plan is executed


This massage is for people who have issues due to injury, birth defects, and medical conditions. Therapists work with your doctor (if possible) to tackle massage problems. Please bring in any information from tests and/or instructions from your doctor in order to set up massage goals.


6 in 1 House Massage

$70 (1hr) / $100 (90 min)


It is our most requested massage. The House Massage includes a spinal blanket and up to 6 styles of massage: Lymphatic, Swedish, Shiatsu, Targeted, Lomi Lomi and Hot Stone. Each massage is customized to each individuals' needs.


Stoned (Hot Stone)

$75 (1hr) 


Our Hot Stone massage is different than most spa Hot Stone Massage. We use the heated stones cupped in our palms while massaging. We do placing of stones as well yet we concentrate on massaging with rock in hand. This massage is great for heat penetration to promote relaxation.


Swedish for the Softies

$60 (1hr)


Light and medium pressure kneading and Swedish sweeping style massage. This massage is therapeutic and very relaxing.


Mommy Massage

$75 (1hr)


The prenatal massage at Con's focuses on the relaxation and stress reduction for the mom to be. We do not offer the birth prep massage (massage near vaginal opening). Let us help ease your back and leg pain. Our reclining massage table offers safe massage for mommies over 21 weeks.


Pressure is ON

$80 (1hr)   $119 (90 min)


This massage is for the deep massage lovers. Deep tissue massage does not have to be painful. In this massage your therapist will transition from medium to deep pressure without pain. All the layers of your muscle will respond and relax.


Hit the Spot

$40 (30 min)  $66 (1hr)


Carry your stress in one or two areas?

This is your massage! All the attention

designated to your stress zone.


Party for 2

$140 (1 hr)  $210 (90 min)


Enjoy a massage in our beautiful couples massage room. Friends and couples will enjoy this massage together. The Couples/friends massage is our 6 in 1 House Massage and is our most requested service.



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2 Hour Massage Getaway

$139 (2hrs)


This massage is geared towards muscle relaxation. This massage includes therapeutic and very relaxing techniques. Light to Medium pressure is used in this massage (no exception) If you have an injury, you must seek a M.D or D.C. prior to this massage.

Hey Sport 

$75 (1hr)


This massage releases deep muscle tension, includes more stretching of the muscles and may include cold and/or hot stones if needed. With the focus on the muscles you use most during your sport or exercise, you will benefit from this massage as an athlete or fitness enthusiast.

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