Why should I choose you?

Con has an extensive and extremely meticulous training program for her lash techs. Con has worn lashes continuously for 6 years and has healthy strong natural lashes due to her very high standards and training of lash techs.

What are Individual Eyelash Extensions (IEE)?

      Individual Eyelash Extensions are the placing of single silk
lashes onto your own single true lash. Unlike buds or strips, IEE do
not clump lashes into chunks of glue that rip out healthy lashes as
the older lashes in the group grow out.

Can I get IEE?

In order to be a candidate for IEE, you must have lashes to put silk lashes on. If you have damage from wearing strips or buds please talk to a lash tech to explain how to nourish your lashes for future IEE. Alopecia is an inability to grow lashes at all, unfortunately we cannot apply IEE to a lid without lashes. If your lashes are genetically sparse we cannot grow them thicker but we can use specialized lashes that are light enough for your lashes to hold and look fuller.

How long does it take to get a set or fill?

      An experienced lash tech will take approx 1.5 hours to apply a
single set of lashes. There are single, half and double sets
available. A half set consist of approx 40 lashes per eye. A single set is approx 80 per eye. A double is approx 120 per eye. A single fill will take approx 45 min from start to finish. Unfortunately there are techs out there that will apply IEE like buds, they can do a set in 15 min. When IEE are applies like a bud, it damaged lashes the same as buds. It is crucial to glue one silk lash to one natural lash.

What does a fill consist of?

      A fill is what happens when half to 3/4 off your extensions shed with your natural lash still attached. Sometimes an extension with fall off without a lash attached, this is not as common as shedding attached to the lash.

How often do I need a fill?

      Generally a fill should happen every 3-4 weeks. In rarer cases a
half fill every 2 weeks is a better option if you have oily skin,
sleep on your face at all, have allergies and rub your eyes or use
oily skin care products. Book before you leave and ensure your next fill with your favorite tech as well as receive 10% off your fill.

Can I get the same look as buds or strips?

      If you have thick and healthy lashes, a double set will achieve
a "false lash" look. Most people want to fool the world with IEE and no not want the "false lash" look. If the IEE are desired for photo purposes, then a double set are most desired for wedding photos and such.

Can I get the thickest IEE that are made?

     We use .15, .18 and rarely .20 diameter lashes. Anything that is .19 or thicker on a constant basis can destroy lashes over time. Your
follicles are formed to hold natural light lashes, using very thick lashes can cause your follicle to become weak or droopy as well as cause follicles to slow down production of lash growth.

Can I wear mascara?

     Waterproof mascara will remove your extensions. You can use our IEE safe mascara, however even IEE safe mascara daily can reduce wear time of IEE. Most people will use IEE safe mascara when lashes are near fill time.

How do I care for IEE?

     Using the proper brushes that we give you are most important because hard mascara type brushes can slowly lift the base of the lash causing early fallout. Do not use oil near the lashes. Try not to sleep on your face (side sleepers should stop the pillow from smashing lashes). Use our con-caved sleep mask if you are a side sleeper. Use our sealer to prolong the life of the glue and gloss up your lashes. Using baby shampoo (sparingly) and water to clean lashes is a inexpensive solution to clean lashes. You can also use   non-oil makeup remover, all appropriate solutions should be applied with the brushes we give you. Brush lashes with water and our brushes daily to "fan" out lashes and dry off lashes after shower.

Is the glue safe?

     Yes, we use a medical grade cyanoacrylate based glue that is cured with a fine water mist at the end of the service. An allergic reaction is rare but has happened. When a reaction occurs, we will remove your lashes for you using grape seed oil and/or IEE remover. We cannot refund your money from applying the IEE set. Our lash techs do get paid for their work and time spent and have no way of knowing or can guarantee that you are not one of the rare cases that react to the glue. You can come in for a free sample set of 3-4 lashes on each eye to see if you react to the glue.

How can I prepare for the IEE?

     Please arrive without makeup, avoid caffeine a few hours prior to appointment, remove contacts and try to keep as still as possible during appointment.

What can I do to thicken my lashes before my appointment?

We sell an organic topical lash vitamin that works very well for most people. Biotin is also an excellent vitamin that works the best.
Because Biotin is a oral supplement please use your judgment and talk to your doctor for any questions you have about oral supplements.

What if I am running late for my appointment?

     It happens to all of us once in a while. Please call and let us know that you are running late if possible. Arriving late will cut down your appointment time If you are 15 minutes late, you may only be able to get a half fill. 20 minute or more late can result in cancellation of appointment. Repeat late arrivals may result in denial of re-booking appointments. Due to our expert lash techs, we book up quickly.

 Can I get a referral gift if I send people to you?

     Yes, send us 4 people and you will get a free fill.

Our eyelash extensions last up to a month depending on how you take care of them.

Exact amount of lashes depends

on client preference, time and difficulty of application.

Sparse lashes are more difficult

to work with and may take a

little more time.

Consult with your lash tech to see what set you would like and your lashes can healthily support. We will not use any lash that will cause damage to your natural lash.



Half Set - $75
 This natural looking set is our minimal set featuring approximately 35  lashes per eye. Looks like a light mascara application. Lashes can be applied across lash line or concentrated at ends for a more dramatic look.
Session last about 45 min.

Half Fill In- $30


(fills are to replace

lashes that have shed -for all sets. You should have about half left)


$99 Set

also called a Single
 This daytime mascara looking set features approximately 55-60 lashes per eye. Looks like a medium mascara application. Choose length and curl to emphasize your eyes.

Session last about  1.5 hrs

Single Fill In- $60


Lash and a Half Set


$150 - $175
 This full mascara looking set features approximately 80-90 lashes per eye. This set is the favorite with our clients. Choose length and curl to emphasize

your eyes.

Session last about 2 hrs

Lash and a Half Fill In- $72


Double Plush 3D Set

$200 - $250
 This dramatic event mascara looking set features multiple styles of lashes to give the fullest, most plush look. Every possible lash is utilized. This set requires very healthy and numerous natural lashes. Session last about 2.5 hrs

Double Plush Fill In- $80


Removal of lashes from another lash lounge  $30 - $60

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Lash and a half set with shorter lashes